Can I contact the Ayars team for minor upgrades?

Here at Ayars, we prefer to apply our time and expertise to projects with major impacts (e.g. bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and finished basements). Minor, disconnected, or one-off tasks such as painting, installing appliances, repairs, or electrical work are best left to other contractors.

As craftsmen, we look to enhance your enjoyment of your entire home through all the work — it’s not just topical for us! Throughout the whole process, we value a collaborative relationship with our clients, nurturing their ideas, and going above and beyond what they expect. That is the kind of project we look forward to.

Will the renovation process leave my home a mess?

There’s no getting around the fact that the renovation process can be disruptive, but Ayars Complete Home Improvements takes the utmost care to minimize any mess we leave behind — through floor protection, zip-walls with plastic barriers, a HEPA air filtration system, and the introduction of a “negative draft” to keep debris contained within the work area.

What is involved in creating an open-concept home?

Planning an open-concept home is a desired goal of many homeowners, but there can be a lot involved. The most important consideration is whether the wall to be removed is load-bearing — if so, structural support will be needed for the floors above. Additionally, if any plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC exist within that wall, they must be re-routed.

What kind of home interior renovation projects add the most value?

Outside of kitchens and bathrooms, home interior renovation projects that add a lot of value include:

For more in-depth coverage of return on investment, visit our Cost Vs. Value page.

What is the difference between interior remodeling and interior renovation?

The difference between interior remodeling and interior renovation is starting over vs. making the best of what you already have. Although many homeowners think their spaces aren’t working for them at all, it may only be a question of rearranging and optimizing an existing home layout.

How can I use windows to highlight my property?

New windows installed in a professional manner often have nice trim details on the exterior and interior. This can really highlight the quality of the home and give a refreshed look and lots of curb appeal.

Should I replace all of my windows?

Sometimes there is a room or window that is problematic and we can start there. In most instances, after seeing the positive results of a new window with all of its new features and efficiency, the rest of the windows are not far behind in being replaced.

Are replacement windows the same as new construction?

Replacement windows have no nailing fin or flange and install inside the existing window opening. New construction style windows have this nailing flange and can be installed into existing openings, as long as there is a way to get the flange tight to the existing sheathing. This method of installation is more time-consuming and can require more skill but is often preferred in regards to waterproofing and flashing details that can be offered.

What kind of window is best suited for the South Jersey climate?

South Jersey homeowners would be wise to stick with a double-paned vinyl window with a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating designed for moderate or high solar gain, which traps more heat indoors during the cooler months.

Why might vinyl posts and railings be a good alternative for me?

Vinyl posts and rails have become the go-to for many wood railing/posts applications. Not all vinyl products are considered equal depending on the application. There are structural posts, railing baluster options, as well as different types of vinyl or other composite materials to consider.

Do products fade overtime?

UV rays are always working against the exterior of your home. Combined with acid rain and other elements, it is inevitable that there will be some fade to the products installed on the exterior of the home. The additives used in today’s products resemble that of your car’s dashboard; many of the vinyl siding & trim products have a much greater tolerance for today’s conditions and show beautifully for years to come.

What constitutes “exterior trim?”

The exterior trim collectively is all the finishing touches applied to the outside of your home — moldings around doors and windows, roofing, siding, gutters, shutters, vents, and so on. Exterior trim enhances curb appeal while protecting your home’s inner structure from the elements.

How do I clean EZE-Breeze panels?

EZE-Breeze panels can be easily tilted in and removed for cleaning using a solution of warm water and Woolite or Murphy Oil Soap. We also sell the PGT Preservative/Cleaner, which is the recommended method of maintaining and cleaning the vinyl. For a complete guide to maintenance, view these care instructions.

Are EZE-Breeze panels customizable?

Yes, each panel is made custom to the specific opening. There are 4 different frame color options as well as vinyl glazing options with different shades of tint and clear vinyl.

Feel free to call contact us for questions about the best uses for this product and how it may benefit your home.

How do EZE-Breeze vinyl-glazed panels compare with glass?

Eze-Breeze panels are vinyl panels that offer protection from wind and rain. The panels are not designed to be the equivalent of glass and have little to no R-Value. Although clients often install portable heaters as well as A/C units to extend the seasons, Eze-Breeze panels do have the insulative properties of glass. One added benefit is that these panels do not change the tax assessment at the same rate an addition would and do not require the same finishing details. It is considered a ‘porch’ and this a completely different set of building requirements, which can save considerable amounts of money.

Do I need a permit for building a deck or porch?

Yes, anytime a structure is being built or modified, a building inspection is required to make sure that it meets all local and state codes. Ayars coordinates the submission, scheduling, and every aspect of the inspection process.

Is it more cost-effective to repair an old deck or build a new one?

In many instances, we review an existing structure only to find that there are several failure points:

  • The deck was not permitted and therefore not built to code or inspected.
  • The attachment to the house is incorrect and creates catastrophic failure leading to injury or death.
  • Incorrect footings (depth, circumference, attachment, or lack thereof)
  • Undersized or wrong framing members used.
  • Stairs and handrails are not up to code.

When any or all of the points of concern are identified, it is almost always recommended that we rebuild the entire structure.

My yard is on an incline. Can I still build a deck or patio?

Of course! For steeper grades, Ayars can construct a beautiful raised deck; for gradual slopes, you might invest in a multi-level deck that follows the lay of your land. Check our blog post on deck design for a fuller picture of what’s possible. 

Are wood decks cheaper than composite?

Pressure-treated wood decks are typically less expensive by $10-15 per square foot. The look of the deck is not as refined as composite decks with vinyl or metal railings, but if utility is your primary concern, this is still a viable option.

Who are the suppliers Ayars partners with for bathrooms?

Ayars works with local distributors that carry all major brands. Not all products are created equal, as local big box stores and online retailers carry the same name brands but of lesser quality. They compromise and skimp on internal components using plastics and other cheaper alternatives to save on cost and maximize margins. As the old adage suggests, “You get what you pay for.” Our family-owned business prides itself on meticulous attention to detail — because it’s the little things that add up to amazing work!