Bathroom FAQs

Here we address common concerns related to bathroom remodeling.

Who are the suppliers Ayars partners with for bathrooms?

Ayars works with local distributors that carry all major brands. Not all products are created equal, as local big box stores and online retailers carry the same name brands but of lesser quality. They compromise and skimp on internal components using plastics and other cheaper alternatives to save on cost and maximize margins. As the old adage suggests, “You get what you pay for.”

How much will a bathroom remodel cost me?

It’s variable, especially if any plumbing or electrical updates need to take place. View our Bathroom Remodel Cost Guide for typical project scopes and price points.

Should I go with a shower or a tub?

At least one bathtub in a home is still recommended for resale value. Walk-in shower stalls have become the norm for master bathrooms with soaking tubs added on if there is enough space and requested by the client. Larger showers with frameless glass, seating, and dual shower heads are always amazing, but you have to consider smaller children or guests that may benefit from a tub in a guest bathroom.

I want to remodel my bathroom but don’t know where to start. Suggestions?

It is typically best to leave the existing layout and update the overall look of the bathroom, but in some instances, a need for a larger space prevails. A quick conversation and site visit can help us understand your goals and develop ideas. Browse our past work for just a sample of what clients have done.