Home Renovation Frequently Asked Questions

Home renovations are a big deal and choosing a contractor that understands the complexities is key. You will be forming a relationship with the men and women that will be in your home for a period of time and this relationship and level of communication is paramount. Questions come up all the time, so we compiled a list of the most frequent questions and answers to help with dialogue. Have a question that isn’t listed? Shoot us an email or give us a call and we will respond promptly.

General FAQs

We have had the privilege of creating some amazing spaces for our clients, but if your budget doesn’t meet those great ideas, we will be wasting both of our time. Starting with a realistic and honest budget, you allow us to design based on both your needs and your budget. It’s normal not to know what a realistic budget should be for your project. Check out our pricing guides along with the resource below as a guideline.

Check out this Resource: Remodeling: Cost vs. Value

Yes, our initial ‘measure call’ is free of charge because we understand that it’s really hard to get an idea of how much your project will cost on your own.  After our first meeting (which typically lasts about 30-60 minutes), we will provide you with a verbal “Budget Estimate”. This estimate will give you an idea of cost on a high level before going to the next step of the process. If the budget makes sense, we will ask that you begin to ‘make selections’ and work with us on design elements to prepare your proposal.

We believe email and texts certainly have their place through the process of a project, but we believe the initial introductions and conversation should be done over the phone. This allows both of us to determine whether or not we are a good fit. There are many projects that don’t fit our company profile and process and we would not want to waste your time with a meeting.

We are typically available for in-home appointments from Monday through Thursday during the day with some evening availability. We also set aside time on Friday mornings for appointments as well. We do not set appointments from Friday afternoon through the weekend as we believe that dedicated weekend time with family and friends is important for a healthy personal and work life.  Visit our Contact Us page to schedule your free consult.

Once you have signed a contract on a home, we would love to meet with you and do a walkthrough of the areas you are looking to remodel. Unfortunately, through many years of providing these estimates before a home purchased, we have found that it is not something we would prefer to do until the deal is done. Visit our Pricing Guide, refer to our Cost Vs. Value reports, or feel free to Contact Us for a quick conversation.

Every project is different with its own set of circumstances and complexities. Through a brief conversation, we can give you an estimated time frame for almost any project size.

Yes. Our business is entirely schedule-driven. We map out the entire job schedule from a monthly overview to a daily view for each job so that our customers and supporting teams can make every effort to produce the job on time.

In most cases, homeowners will remain in the home during construction. Some more extensive whole home remodels can be a bit more tricky and this will be outlined in the initial meeting and planning phases if the renovation warrants that type of exit strategy. 

Any work that will result in additional costs will be processed as a “Change Work Order.” We will present to you, in writing, the proposed cost of the additional work prior to proceeding.

In most remodeling projects a permit is required. Any electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and/or structural changes need to be reviewed by the local municipality’s code officials to ensure the integrity and safety of the work. Ayars will handle all permit applications, submissions, and scheduling of all rough and final inspections.

Yes. We have a showroom in our office, which allows us to help guide key material decisions on things such as cabinetry, tiling, and flooring. Additionally, we partner with local vendors and utilize their showrooms for other product selections.

We strongly recommend allowing Ayars to supply the products that you select from our local vendors. We rely on partnerships to help us with warranty issues, damaged products, installation guidelines, and specialized product information.

We do in-house CAD designs with 3D modeling for most projects. This assists us and our clients in space planning and provides floor plans for our lead carpenters to work from. When necessary, we have architects and engineers that we partner with for sealed drawings, which are used for permit applications and structural verification.

Ayars has an excellent team of licensed and insured subcontractors. We maintain all certificates of insurance on file and have fantastic relationships with all of our service providers. Ayars is not licensed for plumbing, electrical, or HVAC. Thus we rely on our long-standing relationships with those licensed subcontractors to ensure the work is done properly and inspected accordingly. It is not ideal to introduce another subcontractor since they may not be inclined to work to the same stringent standards, schedule, and level of oversight that we provide.

In order to keep our overhead to a minimum, we do not accept credit card payments and only accept cash or check. Financing options are available through your local financial institution or online. Ayars has no affiliations with any providers.

We try and stay within a 30-40 minute drive of our office in Mickleton, NJ to ensure that our team is able to provide the best service possible. You can see a detailed service area map and list of areas that we provide service on our Service Area page.

Our production team makes a conscientious effort to safeguard your home and prevent dust from spreading as much as possible. We utilize floor protection and zip-walls with plastic barriers, as well as a HEPA air filtration system. We often incorporate “negative draft” to help further reduce the migration of dust into areas of the home. Our team is focused on providing the best experience possible.

All of our team members are appropriately licensed and insured in the state of New Jersey. We want you to be comfortable with each member of our organization that you meet, as well as our trade associates. Each craftsman that we bring into your home upholds the same values of honesty and integrity that has been part of the core of our business since 1970.

Yes. We will provide, in writing, a warranty on our workmanship. Our workmanship conforms to the guidelines stated in the NAHB Residential Construction Performance Guidelines.

Ayars is dedicated to breaking the negative stigma that often surrounds our industry. We are dedicated to holding to a schedule and will not leave until the work is 100% complete. We provide the same courtesy to every client and sometimes have to shift the start of other work in order to see the current project through. Our goal is to ensure that every client receives the same level of care and follow-through on their project.