Window FAQs

Looking to upgrade or replace your windows? Let us address some common questions before getting started.

How can I use windows to highlight my property?

New windows installed in a professional manner often have nice trim details on the exterior and interior. This can really highlight the quality of the home and give a refreshed look and lots of curb appeal.

Should I replace all of my windows?

Sometimes there is a room or window that is problematic and we can start there. In most instances, after seeing the positive results of a new window with all of its new features and efficiency, the rest of the windows are not far behind in being replaced.

Are replacement windows the same as new construction?

Replacement windows have no nailing fin or flange and install inside the existing window opening. New construction style windows have this nailing flange and can be installed into existing openings, as long as there is a way to get the flange tight to the existing sheathing. This method of installation is more time-consuming and can require more skill but is often preferred in regards to waterproofing and flashing details that can be offered.

What kind of window is best suited for the South Jersey climate?

South Jersey homeowners would be wise to stick with a double-paned vinyl window with a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating designed for moderate or high solar gain, which traps more heat indoors during the cooler months.