Complete Home Renovations FAQs

Your home’s interior may hold more potential than you think. We answer some questions about how to go about renovating it.

Will interior renovations leave my home a mess?

There’s no getting around the fact that interior renovations can be disruptive, but Ayars Complete Home Improvements takes the utmost care to minimize any mess we leave behind — through floor protection, zip-walls with plastic barriers, a HEPA air filtration system, and the introduction of a “negative draft” to keep debris contained within the work area. 

What is involved in creating an open concept floor plan?

Creating an open concept floor plan is a desired goal of many homeowners, but there can be a lot involved. The most important consideration is whether the wall to be removed is load-bearing — if so, structural support will be needed for the floors above.  Additionally, if any plumbing, electrical, and HVAC exist within that wall, they must be re-routed.

What kind of home interior renovation projects add the most value?

Outside of kitchens and bathrooms, home interior renovation projects that add a lot of value include:

What is the difference between interior remodeling and interior renovation?

The difference between interior remodeling and interior renovation is starting over vs. making the best of what you already have. Although many homeowners think their spaces aren’t working for them at all, it may only be a question of rearranging and optimizing an existing home layout.