Exterior Trim FAQs

These are the questions that most frequently concern our customers regarding exterior trim touchups and replacement.

Why might vinyl posts and railings be a good alternative for me?

Vinyl posts and rails have become the go-to for many wood railing/posts applications. Not all vinyl products are considered equal depending on the application. There are structural posts, railing baluster options, as well as different types of vinyl or other composite materials to consider.

Do products fade overtime?

UV rays are always working against the exterior of your home. Combined with acid rain and other elements, it is inevitable that there will be some fade to the products installed on the exterior of the home. The additives used in today’s products resemble that of your car’s dashboard; many of the vinyl siding & trim products have a much greater tolerance for today’s conditions and show beautifully for years to come.

What constitutes “exterior trim?”

The exterior trim collectively is all the finishing touches applied to the outside of your home — moldings around doors and windows, roofing, siding, gutters, shutters, vents, and so on. Exterior trim enhances curb appeal while protecting your home’s inner structure from the elements.