Decks & Porches FAQs

Here we address concerns related to deck and porch construction and replacement.

Do I need a permit for building a deck or porch?

Yes, anytime a structure is being built or modified, a building inspection is required to make sure that it meets all local and state codes. Ayars coordinates the submission, scheduling, and every aspect of the inspection process.

Is it more cost-effective to repair an old deck or build a new one?

In many instances, we review an existing structure only to find that there are several failure points:

  • The deck was not permitted and therefore not built to code or inspected.
  • The attachment to the house is incorrect and creates catastrophic failure leading to injury or death.
  • Incorrect footings (depth, circumference, attachment, or lack thereof)
  • Undersized or wrong framing members used.
  • Stairs and handrails are not up to code.

When any or all of the points of concern are identified, it is almost always recommended that we rebuild the entire structure.

My yard is on an incline. Can I still build a deck or patio?

Of course! For steeper grades, Ayars can construct a beautiful raised deck; for gradual slopes, you might invest in a multi-level deck that follows the lay of your land. Check our blog post on deck design for a fuller picture of what’s possible. 

Are wood decks cheaper than composite?

Pressure-treated wood decks are typically less expensive by $10-15 per square foot. The look of the deck is not as refined as composite decks with vinyl or metal railings, but if utility is your primary concern, this is still a viable option.