Deptford, New jersey Deck

Deck Design: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Design a Deck That Tells The Right Story

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard to work with, you’re capable of planning a new deck to go with it. A beautifully designed, sturdily constructed new deck can greatly enhance the value of your home and your enjoyment of the warmer months. Before you build a deck, however, it is vital that the deck’s design frame your property and the surroundings in the best possible light. The features, styles, and materials of the new deck construction will be in part defined by your imagination, and in part defined by the lay of the land and what’s around you. It should be an organic extension of your home that meshes seamlessly with the environment.

At Ayars Complete Home Improvements, we collaborate with you to build a deck that is both beautiful and functional — a bona fide outdoor living space that not just an accent to your home, but a highlight.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your new deck design.

Deptford, New Jersey Deck
New Deck – Deptford, New jersey

1. Deck Elevation

The elevation changes (or lack thereof) in your yard are the first major consideration when planning your new deck design. For level lots, especially those harboring a single-story home, we recommend a platform deck. Since platform decks are built so close to the ground, waterproofing is mandatory to preserve their look and integrity for years to come. The plastic decking products offered by Ayars are ideal for moisture resistance.

If “flat” doesn’t describe where you’re at, you’ll likely consider a raised or multilevel deck. A first-story raised deck is supported by foundation posts and is usually the solution for yards with steeper grades. Its second-story counterpart will usually require additional bracing and support.

Stairs and railings are not only important deck design elements but safety elements as well.

The multilevel deck is ideal for more gradual slopes, as the various tiers can follow the landscape. Each tier can be specialized according to purpose, making multilevel decks also multifunctional.

Pilesgrove, New Jersey Deck
New Deck – Pilesgrove, New Jersey

2. Purpose

Beyond what the topography of your yard dictates, you’ll also need to consider what you’ll be using your new deck for. If you plan on hosting large cookouts or get-togethers, you’ll want access to the kitchen and ample space to stretch your grillmaster muscle. If you’re planning on using it for meditation or relaxation, a shaded pergola or gazebo integrated with some landscaping may induce just the right mood.

If your new deck is designed with multiple levels, you’ll want to place visual indicators to assert each one’s unique personality and identity.

Mullica Hill, New Jersey Deck
New Deck – Mullica Hill, New Jersey

3. Climate and Lighting

A beautiful design and sturdy construction mean nothing if your new deck is not a safe and comfortable outdoor living space for you to be in. Be aware of your deck’s positioning in relation to the sun — a covering may be needed to provide proper shading (as well as extend use for rainy days).

If you intend to host many late gatherings and soirees, well-lit stairs, railings, and pathways can keep the party going deep into the night.

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