Clarksboro New Jersey Porch Enclosure

5 Ways to Open Your Indoors to the Outdoors with Porch Enclosures

Feeling closed off from the outside world? It’s either time to fill out your social planner a bit more or open your home to the natural light and scenery of your immediate surroundings. Ayars Complete Home Improvements offers several solutions to help you integrate your indoors with the outdoors, whether it’s in the form of a major project like a deck, porch, home addition, or something as subtle as a well-placed window or skylight.

Clarksboro New Jersey Porch Enclosure

The key to blending indoor and outdoor spaces is to create continuity both visually and in purpose. Every situation is different (we’ve been around nearly 50 years, so we’ve seen a few!), but here are some important considerations. With hundreds of porch enclosure installations under our belt, let’s take a look at some of the best practices for ensuring the best possible results of your very own porch enclosure.


Materials like glass or cost-efficient and durable EZE-Breeze panels eliminate the visual barrier imposed by solid walls, thus connecting the spaces. In addition to their transparency, Eze-Breeze panels are vinyl-glazed porch enclosures, ensuring that, if accidentally pushed or distorted, the panels with revert back to their original shape.

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Whatever material you choose, broadening the connecting porch enclosure to stretch from floor to ceiling creates the sense of your indoor space directly opening to the outside. It is important that the two spaces run parallel to one another so as not to disrupt the effect.

South Jersey Porch Enclosures

Decor and style

The flooring material and style should match between the two spaces as close as possible. Furnishings and decor should be complementary to one another within the porch enclosure. This will secure the feeling of being indoors, with the view of being out.

Clarksboro New Jersey Porch Enclosure

Shading and lighting

Extending a roof or ceiling draws the eyes out further — and where the eyes go, the feet follow. Once you’re outside, the overhang of a porch enclosure helps shield from the elements. Don’t underestimate the effect of subtle and transitional lighting either — too jarring a shift in the quality or intensity of light can shatter the ambiance.

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Theme and purpose

With every adjacent room in your house, it’s vital to consider harmony in purpose. Your porch enclosure is no exception. For example, outdoor kitchens are a tremendously popular space to celebrate the warmer months, but chefs and grillmasters should have easy access to a pantry storing essential ingredients, tools, and supplies.

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Enhance your outdoor living space

Start enjoying the best of both worlds with Ayars Complete Home Improvements’ EZE-Breeze porch enclosures today.

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