PGT EZE Breeze Porch FAQs

Learn what customers frequently ask about PGT Eze Breeze porches.

How do I clean EZE-Breeze panels?

EZE-Breeze panels can be easily tilted in and removed for cleaning using a solution of warm water and Woolite or Murphy Oil Soap. We also sell the PGT Preservative/Cleaner, which is the recommended method of maintaining and cleaning the vinyl. For a complete guide to maintenance, view these care instructions.

Are EZE-Breeze panels customizable?

Yes, each panel is made custom to the specific opening. There are 4 different frame color options as well as vinyl glazing options with different shades of tint and clear vinyl.

Feel free to call contact us for questions about the best uses for this product and how it may benefit your home.

How do EZE-Breeze vinyl-glazed panels compare with glass?

Eze-Breeze panels are vinyl panels that offer protection from wind and rain. The panels are not designed to be the equivalent of glass and have little to no R-Value. Although clients often install portable heaters as well as A/C units to extend the seasons, Eze-Breeze panels do have the insulative properties of glass. One added benefit is that these panels do not change the tax assessment at the same rate an addition would and do not require the same finishing details. It is considered a ‘porch’ and this a completely different set of building requirements, which can save considerable amounts of money.