South Jersey Basement Remodel

Designing a Winning At-Home Sports Bar

You’re ready for some football, but is your home? Win big with your guests on game day with an optimized entertainment space. Creating an at-home sports bar, either as a patio feature or part of an indoor man cave, is a great way to enjoy time at home and save money on Saturdays and Sundays. Before beginning, however, it pays to have a gameplan.

South Jersey Basement Renovations

Indoor or outdoor?

In late summer and into early autumn, you can use an outdoor bar to replicate a bonafide tailgating experience. The elements are always in play in New Jersey, so ensure the bar is covered with a canopy, extended ceiling, roof overhang, or awning. Televisions or monitors should either be of the outdoor variety or shielded with an outdoor covering. Lighting should amply illuminate the primary task areas of the bar (preparation, serving, and clean-up) and assist with navigation as the days grow shorter. A firepit or space heaters might be incorporated into the patio to help stave off the chill at nightfall. 

For year-round versatility, consider converting an unfinished basement into a finished entertainment area or man cave. The availability of water and electrical lines should be the first consideration when designing a finished basement — altering or adding plumbing or wiring can be costly, so try to work with what you have if you can. Make fellow fans feel at home while providing the best view of the action with comfortable open seating arrangements. Well-positioned speakers and surround sound work wonderfully in basements, in part due to their natural sound-dampening characteristics, but soundproofed materials might be a good idea if not everyone in your house is as into the game as you are. 

Dry bar or wet bar? 

The difference between a dry bar and a wet bar is the availability of running water. If your bar is going to be easily accessible from or attached to a kitchen, a sink may not be necessary. An integrated refrigeration cabinet or closet allows you to store a wider variety of perishable ingredients, as well as stow beers for quick handoffs rather than long jaunts to the nearest refrigerator. For barkeepers who want to really go the distance, leaving room for a home draft beer system such a kegerator might be a wise move. 

What materials will I be using?

For the bar’s framing and structure, construction lumber, oriented stand board sheeting, and plywood provide sturdiness and integrity. Treated lumber or composite materials are advised for outdoor bars to resist moisture and weathering. For aesthetics, trim your bar with hardwood fascia. Countertop workspaces should be resilient and easy to clean — granite, marble, tile, and laminated hardwood or plywood are popular examples.

South Jersey Basement Renovations

The best seats in the house

Your bar stools need to:

  • Complement the decor and be comfortable to sit in for hours at a time
  • Be positioned to correct height (28 to 33 inches from the floor, with 9 to 12 inches left for leg space under the counter)
  • Offer clear sightlines to the action — do not place behind obstructions and keep level with the monitor or screen. If the TV is not behind the bar, swiveling bar stools are a must.

Take time to incorporate these design tips into your at-home sports bar plans and you’ll be sure to ring up the score with visitors. And remember, Ayars Complete Home Improvements is always game to help out with your next patio or finished basement project. 


The benefits of finished basements

Use Your Basement for More than Just Storage

Your basement doesn’t have to be just a dark dungeon where you store your Christmas decorations.  Finishing your basement can actually give you more benefits than you may think.  Not only can you add more living space and increase the market value of your home, it can also increase your home’s energy efficiency!  Obstacles like low ceilings, disguising water heaters and insufficient lighting are all issues that can be dealt with.

Basement Storage

Most of us leave our basement space unfinished. Unattractive concrete walls and carpet laid on the floor is only home to mold and mildew. The only time we use our basement is for storing things we don’t need.

Putting that storage space to use could be the best thing that can do for your home. The space can come in handy for so many things. Here’s what you should be considering while thinking of your design.


Most of the unfinished basements have a concrete basement floor and to cover that people generally lay down carpeting or wood flooring that traps moisture underneath leaving your flooring susceptible to mold and mildew.


Begin to search all the floor design that you might think will work for your space and the theme you have in mind. It could be a time consuming daunting task, so take your time and finalize a flooring style that will work best for you. You need to consider these three attributes durability, attractiveness and most importantly make sure the flooring option is waterproof.



Begin by checking the basement walls forimg_6952 any excessive moisture. If there’s moisture on your walls opt for wall paneling. Unlike wooden framing that may rot or metal frames that leave ugly rust spots, walls that are made of paneling have high density foam insulation that is durable. The paneling not only gives you a stylish look but is an attractive choice for your basement walls



Suspended ceilings are a good option for your basement. They allow easy access to ducts, electrical cords and cables. These ceilings are also water resistant. Another important aspect of it all is to be sure which ceiling material will help in noise control in addition to the temperature of the basement. Make sure the material you choose helps in reducing noise from the rest of the home.


Finishing touches

Last but not the least lighting. Lighting is so important to set everything in place. In order for your walls, flooring and ceiling to look perfect with the theme of the furniture, lighting creates the perfect ambiance for your basement.


The possibilities for your new basement are endless. A finished basement adds value to your home as well as energy savings. Contact us for more information about how you can finish your basement.