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Do You Repair Or Replace Your Old Doors?

Do you repair or replace your old doors? If you are living in an older home, you may begin to notice the high traffic parts of your home, and noticing the entry doors are beginning to show wear and tear.  Over the years, doors can become troublesome to open and close and become increasingly drafty. […]

The Benefits of Finished Basements

Use Your Basement for More than Just Storage Your basement doesn’t have to be just a dark dungeon where you store your Christmas decorations.  Finishing your basement can actually give you more benefits than you may think.  Not only can you add more living space and increase the market value of your home, but you […]

Deck Remodel

Deck Remodel: We at Ayars take remodeling decks seriously. And when I say deck remodeling, I mean tearing down old decks and building new, not even keeping the original frame or footings. While it’s obvious that a deck remodel would probably include replacing the railing and decking, many people expect that the structural bits can […]

Top Tips To Maintain Your New Kitchen Design

Top Tips to Maintain your New Kitchen Design   The kitchen is the epicenter of the home, particularly with today’s open plan kitchens and multi-functional spaces.  This busy room sees more traffic and is subjected to more dirt and grease than most rooms.  If you just completed a kitchen remodeling project, how to clean and […]

Remodeling Your Garage Into A Mudroom

Talk to any avid outdoorsman or mom of active kids, and one thing would likely top their domestic wish lists: a mudroom. Unfortunately, most homeowners are reluctant to create a mudroom if it means cutting into other essential spaces, such as kitchens and dens. That’s why a garage mudroom is an ideal solution. Here’s how […]

To Repair Or To Replace Your Door

DO I REPAIR OR REPLACE MY OLD ENTRY DOORS? If you are living in an older home you may begin to notice the high traffic parts of you home including the entry doors are beginning to show wear and tear.  Over the years doors can become troublesome to open and close and increasingly drafty.  So […]

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling. There comes a time when you are just in need of remodeling your bathroom.  This can be for many reasons, but the point here is not to put up with the problems around your home if you are not happy.  Fix anything in your home before it gets worse, otherwise you will be […]

7 Tips on Building a Mother-in-Law Suite

In recent years, we’ve seen a nagging curiosity for so-called “mother-in-law suites” (aka “in-law suites” or “granny pods”) — apartment-like spaces equipped with all the amenities an aging parent may need to live independently, but located on the same property.  Whether related by blood or related by marriage, our moms and dads deserve to be […]

Eight Must-Knows When Adding an Addition to Your Home

Eight Must-Knows When Adding an Addition to Your Home   For many homeowners, they love their neighborhood and location, but they are growing out of their house.  Consider adding on, because in many cases you can get exactly what you want without moving to a new home.  Here are a few tips to keep in […]

Concrete Steps

Poured concrete steps: Poured in Place An obvious advantage of poured-in-place stairs is that established contractors like us are familiar with the installation procedure through years of experience with this traditional method. We are equipped to install these concrete steps in an optimal manner and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Steps that have been […]

5 Steps to Maintain your New Bathroom Design

5 Steps to maintaining your new bathroom You spent so much time dreaming about your new bathroom, saving photos of design ideas, discussing the plan with your bathroom design expert, and then watching the transformation take place. Finally, your dream bathroom is finished and you can enjoy your new space! Now you need to properly […]

How To Begin A Living Room Remodel

How to Begin a Living Room Remodel   Renovating your living room: It’s exciting, but it can be a bit overwhelming, too. Where should you start? How much can you afford to spend? How do you know whether that contractor with the impressive portfolio will really show up when he’s supposed to? And what if […]

2016 Kitchen Trends

2016 Kitchen Trends Houzz just dropped their 2016 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.  It’s a must read for designers, builders, and homeowners who are planning a remodel.  The study uncovers the trends that define today’s kitchen, including the emergence of the “super kitchen.”  This room serves multiple purposes, blurring the lines between the room and […]

Porch Remodels Start With the Foundation

Porch remodels are fairly straightforward; however, it pays to understand how the different components are installed and the many options you have. Porch foundations aren’t that much different than foundations for homes. A foundation has to safely bear not only the weight of the porch substructure but also the roof, railings, columns, and more. Before […]

Kitchen Jewelry

Jewelry for your Kitchen Design: A Guide to Selecting Cabinet Hardware Just like picking the right jewelry completes a special outfit, kitchen hardware puts the finishing touches on a kitchen design.  A kitchen renovation involves making decisions on items such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring that are typically a significant investment and must stand […]