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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Design You Can Get Behind

Many homeowners consider their kitchen the heart and soul of their homes — a place for friends and family to gather, for meals and hospitality to be shared. Given its importance in both entertaining and day-to-day living, it is one of the more eligible and popular candidates for a remodel. Much attention and care are applied to choosing flooring, countertops, appliances, and cabinetry — and for good reason — all undeniably have a significant impact on the look and feel of the space. However, there is one crucial aspect that you should not overlook during your kitchen remodeling project.

Functionally, a kitchen backsplash protects walls from moisture and grease. Aesthetically, it might be your kitchen’s single most defining design element, establishing an overall personality and tying everything else together. Here are some kitchen backsplash ideas and tips to consider before you get started.

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Backsplash coverage

How much area do you need your kitchen backsplash to cover? At the minimum, you should consider installing it behind the sink and/or stove, as these walls are most vulnerable to deterioration and discoloration from liquids and steam. Many backsplashes span the entire workspace, from one end of the counter to the other, providing an all-around barrier from all-too-often messy meal prep.

Vertically, the backsplash usually occupies the space between the countertop and the cabinets — the expanse between your waist and your chin. However, it can be made even more of a focal point of the room by extending it all the way to the ceiling. Determine whether your needs are more practical or more aesthetic. 

Best backsplash materials

Kitchen backsplash materials are really limited more by imagination than budget. Wallpaper (including chalkboard wallpaper that can be drawn on), glass (decorative and mirrored), metal (bronze, copper, tin, stainless steel, etc.), stone, and even reclaimed wood and other recycled materials having been successfully applied by creative kitchen remodelers. 

The best backsplash material by far, however, is ceramic or porcelain tile. Not only is it generally more economical, but it is also more versatile. Today’s manufacturers are able to successfully mimic colors, patterns, and textures of more expensive materials — innovations that empower modern homeowners and kitchen remodelers alike.

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Kitchen backsplash design

Tiles can be cut and arranged in a boundless array of configurations, from the elegantly conservative to wildly and whimsically abstract. Rectangular subway tiles are arranged horizontally for a simple and modern look. Diamond, herringbone, and circular tile arrangements up the ante in terms of visual interest, while custom mosaics can literally turn your kitchen backsplash design into a work of art.

Consider how the backsplash design will fit in with the rest of the kitchen (for example, color coordination with painted walls, cabinets, and countertops), the personality you want to exude, your budget, and your skill level (if self-installing).

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