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Finished Basement Design Ideas to Take Your Lower Level to the Next Level

We’re going to be perfectly aboveground with you on this — that partially or fully finished basement you’ve been getting ideas about is fully in your best interest. 

If you missed our blog post about the benefits of finished basements, here are the three main takeaways:

  1. They can significantly increase the useful living space in your home
  2. They add serious value on the resale market (average of 70% return on investment)
  3. Hanging out there can actually help you save on energy costs — ground temperature is not as susceptible to the ups and downs as the air is, which means you do not have to expend as much energy keeping it cool in the summer or warm in the winter. 

Finishing a basement is almost always less disruptive (and expensive) than constructing a home addition, which is a major consideration if you live with family or work from home. Furthermore, there are nearly as many finished basement design ideas.

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What kind of basement do you have?

Before you dream up and scheme up your newly finished basement, you must assess what you’re working with — and that’s dependent on how the foundation sits within your property. 

Standard lot basement

As its name implies, a standard lot basement is just that — standard. It’s your typical set of concrete walls buried underground, with narrow horizontal windows peeking up into the yard or driveway. They are not known for being light or airy, but you can use that to your advantage, creating a secluded space away from distractions (or judgment).

Walk-out basement

A much coveted feature with today’s homebuyers, walk-out basements allow you to step right out into a backyard or onto a patio and get some fresh air. They have a lot of qualities in common with the main floor, and in some cases are counted towards your home’s total square footage. They are associated with properties with a slope of at least 6 feet from front to back. You’ll often see elevated decks attached to these types of homes as well. 

Garden-level lot basement

Garden-level lots are the middle ground — due to a gentle slope, some of the basement will be poking out above grade, while some of it will be totally underground. While it will receive more natural light than a standard-lot basement, there is not enough clearance for a full-sized door for egress.




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What can I do with my basement?

Smarter storage

Yes, we know basements have the reputation of being these dark voids into which things are thrown and never return. By incorporating a few organizational features into your finished basement design, you can still retain its traditional storage function while attaining a much cleaner and more attractive aesthetic. You might mount shelving onto the walls or into the walls, utilize a storage bench or ottoman to serve double duty as seating, or even tuck a cozy little cubby under the stairs, as we did in a recent project near Mantua Township, New Jersey. 

Undistracted work

Are you a busy mom looking for some extra space to simplify your daily life? You might want to consider exploring the potential of your basement remodel. Imagine having a cozy finished basement, a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s an ideal place for your home office, a basement wine cellar, or your own home gym where you can focus on your hobbies and well-being. To make it even more pleasant, you might want to think about soundproofing options, concrete floors, and more storage space. The space can even fulfill the role of a finished living space, a basement bedroom, or even a dedicated space for the whole family.

We understand how important privacy is for moms, and we’re here to support you in creating a serene and quiet space, tailored to your preferences. Additionally, if you or a family member need a peaceful corner to unwind, think about adding an extra basement bathroom, wet bar, or basement kitchenette to your finished basement. It could serve as a comfortable and functional home away from home. The addition of floating shelves, sliding barn doors, and an accent wall can quickly turn the unfinished space into the ultimate studio.

Unfinished Basement to Game Room 

Turn your unfinished basement into a game room with a pool table for more living space, value, and versatility. Make sure your basement is dry, insulated, and well-lit. Choose durable flooring and consider adding additional amenities like a wet bar or seating area. With a little planning, you can create a game room that your family and friends will love.


Finished basements are among our favorite project types at Ayars Complete Home Improvements — there are few things more satisfying than transforming an ugly, underutilized dungeon into a truly indispensable part of your home and your life that you can be proud of. Let us know about your basement design ideas — we’d love to help make it a reality.