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powder room with custom trimwork in mickleton nj

Powering Through Modern Powder Room Ideas

A hundred years ago, the term “powder room” referred exclusively to a place where ladies “freshened up” in public — a fancy commode at a restaurant or club, or your everyday women’s lavatory. Three hundred years ago, it was only a feature of the wealthiest estates (at the height of the powdered wig era). Fast […]

modern kitchen remodel in new jersey featuring white shaker cabinets and open shelves

A Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Options

Any kitchen remodeling consultation should begin with a discussion of your kitchen cabinet options. From floor to ceiling and wall to wall, no other element has quite the same visual impact. And if we’re talking about organization and productivity, nothing sets you up for success like kitchen cabinetry. That’s why we prefer to take our […]

ayars interior craftsmen at work painting a room

What Is a Craftsman, and Why Do We Insist?

We’ve long preached the importance of craftsmanship here at Ayars — it is our mantra, echoed and repeated throughout every phase of our practice. But how do we define craftsmanship, and the craftsmen that are its practitioners? Furthermore, why does it matter so much to us? And why should it matter so much to you when choosing a home remodeling contractor? We […]

woodworking template

Five 2023 Interior Design Trends to Inspire Your Next Remodel

Self-improvement is at the heart of many New Year’s Resolutions; home improvement is at the center of many others. Although if you ask us, they are one and the same! After all, your home is ultimately a reflection of you — and when you enhance your surroundings, you enhance your mindset. So, in honor of […]

ayars design showroom in mickleton nj

The Ayars Design Showroom: Your First Stop for Home Remodeling Ideas

There’s nothing like walking into a newly remodeled room that looks good, feels good, and functions better than its previous incarnation. But any successful project is the sum of many parts — all rooted in careful planning and decision-making. While some homeowners will know exactly what they want from their remodel, others may not be […]

finished basement cubby under stairs

Small Space Ideas for Doing a Lot with a Little

For most, space within the home is at a premium. As such, homeowners are constantly in search of creative ways to make the most of what they have, especially when what they have isn’t a lot. Even if you do have more square footage to work with, it’s not always clear how to make the […]