ayars design showroom in mickleton nj

The Ayars Design Showroom: Your First Stop for Home Remodeling Ideas

There’s nothing like walking into a newly remodeled room that looks good, feels good, and functions better than its previous incarnation. But any successful project is the sum of many parts — all rooted in careful planning and decision-making. While some homeowners will know exactly what they want from their remodel, others may not be able to articulate it, or be overwhelmed by a surplus of options.

Our endgame at Ayars is to create spaces our customers are not only satisfied with, but giddy about — we want them to experience that Christmas morning feeling when we introduce them to their new space! To ensure that happens, we collaborate closely with our clients right from the start — because until we nail the concept, we can’t nail the execution. 

Beyond our knowledgeable craftsmen, we also partnered with a project design consultant to help guide the all-important preliminary phase. This year, we’re empowering even more informed and inspired decisions with our new design showroom. We’re very excited about the value this brings, and to share that with our customers.

Why visit a design showroom?

Whether you’re a right-fit customer in our South Jersey service area or a setting your eyes on a new home remodeling project where you live, you can get much more out of visiting a design showroom than you can by clicking around Pinterest or Houzz (although these sites are great for getting the wheels turning!)

Get a feel for home remodeling materials

We strongly believe that quality remodels begin with quality materials — what we build with inevitably affects what we end up with. Few homeowners can afford the best material for every building block of your reconceived space, but choosing good materials will make an immense difference in its aesthetic and durability.

When you visit a design showroom, you can more readily compare materials by both look and feel — for example, how an engineered wood or stone product stacks up against its natural counterpart. In some cases, you (and your wallet) may be pleasantly surprised! We recommend prioritizing home remodeling wants vs. needs, and budgeting more for the room’s central features vs. its auxiliary elements. 

Ability to ask questions and solicit feedback

Perhaps the greatest benefit of visiting a design showroom is, well, designers! Who better to counsel you on the latest and greatest products, design trends, and combinations? Experts are literally standing by, and their experience and insights can lend clarity where there is uncertainty. They’ll be able to tell you what works (and what doesn’t), enlighten you to possibilities you may not have considered, shrewdly work within your budget, and intuit your needs as only a real, live human being can. We highly recommend it. 

Experience interior design in practice

What you see on a screen is not always what you get in real life — a fact that has rung true since the dawn of the TV infomercial and remains so in the Internet Age. In a design showroom, you’ll behold things as they truly are, allowing for sounder decisions (and fewer returns). The influence of lighting (natural vs. artificial, direct vs. indirect) cannot be understated, especially when it comes to color. Photoshop and your computer monitor settings can easily obscure reality. 

Beyond more accurately represented swatches and samples, a showroom shines most through its stagings. Physically standing within a fully conceptualized space will tell you a lot about how you feel about certain layouts, styles, and aesthetics. It will help cultivate not only a sense of sensibilities but also of depth and dimension. How might you arrange furniture, appliances, and decorations in your remodeled space? Again, a website or brochure cannot offer the same experience.

ayars design showroom in mickleton nj

Design showroom etiquette

Although we have just spent the majority of this blog recommending a showroom visit, it comes with some caveats. First, be mindful of the showroom’s days and hours of operation, and whether or not an appointment is required. Secondly, be prepared for your visit. While you needn’t necessarily arrive with a fully-fleshed vision for your project (that’s what the pros are for!),  it would help if you had some sense of your overall objectives and direction.

It is also a must to provide the designer with as much information as possible — at minimum measurements and recent pictures of the space to be remodeled, but also preferably photographic examples of similarly-sized spaces you like (or dislike), products/colors/finishes you’re thinking about (bring swatches), and/or reasonably portable source of inspiration. Taking these steps will culminate in a much more constructive visit. 

Visiting the Ayars design showroom

The Ayars showroom is officially open with all of the latest cabinets, samples, and supporting collateral to showcase our interior finish work.

What you can expect to find

  • Cabinet sample doors from a number leading cabinet manufacturers
  • Tile Samples, Granite, Quartz, Flooring, Cabinet Knobs/Hardware
  • Our interior design consultant Sharon Vick is available to answer questions about your interior renovation project and look at specific product samples.
  • When planning a project you will be meeting at our office/showroom to review design specifications and discuss product selections.
  • The showroom was designed to not only showcase our craftsmanship but also highlight installed products that you may want to consider in your renovation.
  • Specialty trim, Aria Vents, Updated solid core doors, upgraded door hardware are just some of the highlights to help open dialogue.

Location and hours of operation

The Ayars design showroom is open by appointment only and located at:

 409B Southgate Ct.

 Mickleton, NJ 08056

ayars design showroom in mickleton nj

The art of home remodeling 

Home remodeling design is a collaborative effort at Ayars, and putting design into practice is a point of pride for our craftsmen. For a glimpse at how we’ve translated customers’ visions into reality, peruse our project galleries — design inspiration is just a few clicks away.