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5 Kitchen Seating Ideas for Welcoming Kitchens

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to ferry dinner plates between your kitchen and your dining room every night? Do you miss out on gossip when hosting dinner parties because your guests are at the table while you’re busy in front of the stove? Does your house not have a dining room?

If you answered yes to any of these questions—or if you’re just looking for a way to rejuvenate your kitchen space—you may want to rethink your kitchen seating arrangement.

The Case for Dine-In Kitchens

There are many reasons a home might feature a dine-in kitchen instead of a separate dining room. If your home has limited space, eating in the kitchen is an easy way to free up another room for alternative use. Eating in the kitchen also means you can transport food and dishes to the table more quickly. 

The Case for Traditional Dining Rooms

As convenient as a dine-in kitchen is, there are still benefits to a traditional dining room. Those with a large family or who like to entertain guests frequently will benefit from a larger, dedicated dining space. If you dislike the sight of dirty dishes, a dining room can also put you more at ease when eating. 

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5 Ideas for Kitchen Seating

There are many ways to seamlessly incorporate seating into your kitchen space. Here are five of the most popular methods: 

1. Eat-In Kitchen

Eat-in kitchens, also known as kitchen dining rooms or dine-in kitchens, are kitchenettes that also feature a small dining area —  a dedicated space for a dining table and chairs. These spaces give the feel of a traditional dining room, scaled down to fit within your kitchen. 

2. Kitchen Island

A kitchen island or peninsula is another great way to incorporate seating into your kitchen. If you already have a kitchen island, all you need are chairs to place around it. Be sure that the chairs are the right height:

  1. Bar height (29 to 32 inches) is preferable if there’s an elevated portion of the island for eating at.
  2. Counter height (23 to 28 inches) is the more comfortable option for standard countertop height (between 35 and 40 inches).

If you don’t have a kitchen island, having one added to your kitchen is a great investment—not only can it be used for kitchen island seating, but as additional food preparation and countertop space as well. 

3. Breakfast Nook

Kitchen nook seating takes advantage of a corner of your kitchen to create a comfortable, cozy dining space. Some kitchens have pre-made breakfast nooks with booth or bench seating, while others might only have a small corner available. Because these spaces are so small, they’re often used for quick, informal meals. 

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4. Banquette Seating

If you enjoy sitting in booths in restaurants, banquette kitchen seating is the choice for you. These upholstered benches can be built into your kitchen, or be brought in as a movable piece. You can place them by a kitchen island, counter, or small table to create a dining space. Banquettes are highly versatile in terms of design, meaning they can fit into almost any kitchen. 

5. Bench Seating

Similar to banquette seating, benches can be installed or placed almost anywhere in your kitchen to create a dining space. The only difference is that benches don’t have a back, so they tend to be more informal. Built-in benches also have the potential for incorporated storage. 

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