Kitchen FAQs

Here we address common concerns regarding kitchen remodels.

How long should I expect a kitchen remodel to take?

Most kitchen remodels that do not involve moving the plumbing locations can be completed in 4 to 5 weeks. More involved kitchen renovations that include gutting the kitchen completely, possibly moving sink and appliance locations, and/or implementing more elaborate cabinetry and finish trim details can push the timeframe out several more weeks. All of this is discussed in the planning phases and a complete schedule will be finalized prior to the project start. Setting clear and honest expectations is a priority of the Ayars team and a hallmark of our reputation for exceptional service.

What is the “kitchen triangle?”

The kitchen triangle is the distance between the sink, stove, and refrigerator — the three most important workstations when preparing a meal. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that each leg of the triangle be no shorter than 10 feet and no greater than 25 feet and remain free of clutter and obstruction. By planning with the kitchen triangle in mind and positioning appliances appropriately, your kitchen remodeling contractor can greatly improve the functionality of your new kitchen.

What is the most common kind of countertop?

Quartz, Quartzite, Dekton, and Silestone are the most common countertop materials used today. There is a wide range of price points that will fit just about any budget in style. Other materials include soapstone, marble, wood, concrete, and epoxy.

There is not nearly enough room in my kitchen. Can Ayars add more space to my kitchen to work with?

Yes! We will assess your kitchen from top to bottom and look for opportunities to maximize your storage space. There are plenty of ways to add storage, whether it’s an improved cabinet layout, cabinet storage accessories, pull-out shelves, or a spacious island. Our kitchen design team can help maximize your space for an altogether more functional kitchen.